Hand & Sew Custom Keychains

Keychains and promo goods customized to your needs.


Handmade in Vancouver from recycled leather

Brag to everyone about how artisan, local, and green these keychains are.


Custom logo, material, colour, and shape

Just tell us what you want - we’ll work with you to create the keychain of your dreams.


Speedy turnaround

If you’re in a pinch, we can ship your order within 24 hours… for a small fee of course.


Why keychains?

Leather keychains are something substantial, unique, and inexpensive you can use to promote your special thing, whatever it is.

People give out branded keychains as swag at an event, sell them as branded merch, and give them out as Kickstarter and Patreon rewards.

If people really like your keychain, they’ll attach it to their keys and look at it every time they unlock a door. Nice.

Ok, how much?

Starting at “not a whole lot” and going all the way up to “still surprisingly reasonable” for complicated custom options and speedy turnaround.

Starting at:

10 keychains - $12 each

50 keychains - $6 each

100 keychains - $5 each

250 keychains - $4.70 each

500 keychains - $3.90 each

1000 keychains - $3.25 each


What kind of stuff have we made for other people?

We’ve made keychains for companies like Cards Against Humanity and Whistler Resorts, plus plenty of weddings, promotions, crowdfunding, and local stores.


All black hardware with rainbow foil.


We colormatched the leather to this client’s bag.


A custom stamp combined with standard text on white leather.


Configure yours

With our configuration tool, you can experiment with all the different options for customized keychains.

Customize keychains

Common Queries


Whats so special about your keychains?

We have so many cool ways to make your keychains stand out.

Our keychains are nicer than most others you can get for a similar price. Plus, we’re charming, polite, and easy to work with. Aw shucks.

What if I want something weird and complicated?

We live for weird and complicated. Just write what you want in the custom field of the configurator, or send us an email and we’ll work with you to make it happen.

What happened to Fucking Keychains?

We rebranded. Lots of people thought it was really funny, but it turns out businesses really, really hate writing “Fucking Keychains” on a purchase order. Go figure.

Got more questions? Email us ➝