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Simple Lanyard - Hand and Sew - 1

Simple Lanyard

$ 28.00 CAD

These keychains are all 100% designed, cut, stitched, coloured, and finished by myself. No machines, no pre-made parts, no help. Just a few tools, and my two hands.

This key fob uses a military strap clip to hold your keys securely in place when you need it, but allows quick and easy 1-handed access at any time. The snap button allows the keychain to be clipped over your belt, so that it's easily at your hip, and is long enough that it can be tucked into a pocket from there.

This product uses vegetable tanned leather, a natural tanning process involving natural materials to imbue the leather with a soft yet firm feel. Vegetable tanned leather has the amazing quality where it will take in colours, feeling, scratches, and shine to become an extremely personal product with a lot of character. This piece will become uniquely yours after a very short amount of time.

My products have certain leatherworking details that you WILL NOT see in other sellers products. I pay attention to details that will keep your leather lasting longer, and looking better.

Each one comes: Hand Cut, Hand Stitched, and with Finished Edges 

Each product is made to order, and will be shipped within 2-3 weeks of the order being received.