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Field Notes Notebook Cover - Hand and Sew - 1

Field Notes Notebook Cover

$ 35.00 CAD

These covers are all 100% designed, cut, stitched, coloured, and finished by myself. No machines, no pre-made parts, no help. Just a few tools, and my two hands.

This notebook cover is the perfect size to carry a small pocket sketchbook or notebook. it's held in with a heavy duty piece of waxed sewing thread, the same thread I use for sewing all of my leather goods! Included is a Field Notes Kraft notebook in either Lined, Grid, or Blank.

This product uses vegetable tanned leather, a natural tanning process involving natural materials to imbue the leather with a soft yet firm feel. Vegetable tanned leather has the amazing quality where it will take in colours, feeling, scratches, and shine to become an extremely personal product with a lot of character.

My products have certain leatherworking details that you WILL NOT see in other sellers products. I pay attention to details that will keep your leather lasting longer, and looking better.

Each one comes: Hand Cut, Hand Stitched, and with Finished Edges

Each product is made to order, and will be shipped within 2-3 weeks of the order being received.

When your cover first arrives, it might be a bit stiff. But don't worry! Like a pair of unwashed denim or good shoes, it will soon form to you, and become much softer